Huge success for Moretto at NPE 2018

The high-capacity Moretto OTX drying hopper gathered a lot of attention with its exclusive, damage-resistant, Spyro exterior, mass flow design, access ladder with top platform and extra large cleanout door.

Despite its impressive size, the (212 cu ft,) hopper is more compact than conventional models due to its high efficiency OTX mass flow characteristics with a unique, cylindrical flow pattern, leaving no dead spots and assuring every pellet receives optimum residence time. Conventional hoppers suffer from funnel flow and other negative air and mateiral flow characteristics due to their common "tank" geometry.

The exhibit, at 33 feet tall, dominated the hall: “Moretto was the only exhibitor in the Bottle Zone that presented a system of this size. The solutions presented, the quality and the technology of the Moretto equipment won the interest of top players in this business sector.” - explains Michela Carrer, Moretto Chief Marketing Officer.

Also shown, and receiving a lot of attention, was Moretto's latest design in effective condensation of post-drying volatiles. The high-capacity, all-stainless SC Purex Condensate Separator is a stacked, multi-stage cooling tower that condenses volatiles into an easily drained, mobile container on the bottom. For periodic cleaning of contaminants from the cooling coils, traditionally a complicated, messy process, the SC provides a pneumatic lifting system that separates each module (up to 6), allowing it to be easily removed for pressure washing or steam cleaning. Each cooling water line is equipped with a quick-release, auto-shut-off connection that requires no tools. Modules can be cleaned, then easily returned to the tower and dropped back into sealed operation by lowering the pneumatic system to operating position. No other system provides this kind of effective volatile condensation and easy cleaning.

Also on display was Moretto’s latest member of the Kasko, self contained loader family. Designed specifically for the higher volume American marketplace, the new F24 loader is a robust motor loader providing up to 650 lbs/hr of conveying capacity with no need for a remote pump. Like the entire Kasko line of loaders, it features all stainless construction, a hinged lid, high capacity filter with blowback, an integrated control with status light tower and a mounting configuration that allows installation on top of receiving hoppers…not in them.

Moretto NPE Bottle Zone

“Excellent solutions, know-how, and service turned out to be Moretto's strong points, most appreciated by the American market.” The US branch consists of sales offices, service, project management, a complete stock of products and spare parts and a product showroom. “The US branch, now in its new location, is well structured to offer customers valuable expertise, rapid, localized service and personalized before-and-after sales support.” – continues the CMO.

In particular, NPE visitors appreciated the quality, precision and technology of Moretto’s products, perfectly in step with the times and oriented to Industry 4.0.

“Participation at NPE 2018 required a strong investment by the company, and strong team work for over six months, dedicated to organizing the bold Moretto exhibits. Our strong success at the show gave us our real challenge that today, with several hundred inquiries in hand, we confirm our winning strategy by supplying these excellent prospects with equipment and systems and continuing the success Moretto has already enjoyed in the US". - concludes the CMO.

Source: Moretto S.p.A