Huge success for Moretto at NPE 2018

Huge success for Moretto at… With a high visitor count and high interest in their equipment and systems, NPE 2018 in Orlando, Florida was a huge success for Moretto! The event established an important affirmation of the company in the American market.

Moretto debuted in the USA in 2015 and since then, thanks to a strong business strategy, Moretto USA doubled its turnover, opened a new and larger branch (in Jackson Center, in western Pennsylvania) and structured a team of experts able to serve the US market with speed and efficiency.

Building on this dynamic and positive trend, Moretto USA strategically exhibited at NPE 2018 with two booths and was able to share cutting-edge solutions for each sector of the plastics industry. Displayed were innovative and customizable systems, ready to maximize process efficiency, and guarantee both final product quality and energy savings for injection molding, extrusion and PET processing customers worldwide.

In the West hall, Moretto exhibited important new solutions for resin transport, dehumidification, blending, liquid temperature control and factory supervision, particularly appreciated by the automotive and medical industries and their operators.

New this year at NPE 2018, Moretto expanded the effective Eureka multi-hopper drying system to include one of its latest innovations, Moisture Meter Manager. Even Industry 4.0, that provides the communication platform for the Moisture Meter Manager takes a backseat to this revolution in drying! MMM integrates two moisture sensing modules installed to the top and bottom of each drying hopper that sense incoming resin moisture level (top) and post-drying moisture level (bottom).


This precision pre and post drying moisture analysis is applied to the functions of the Eureka drying system to guarantee that each hopper of the Eureka system is delivering ONLY dried material to processing with no need for human intervention to correct drying anomolies.

Eureka systems equipped with this exclusive Moretto feature are dubbed Eureka Plus systems and for the first time processors taking advantage of this high level of guaranteed control can actually certify the parts being made from Eureka Plus dried materials to be moisture-free.

The Moisture Meter Manager was also displayed on a more conventional dryer and single hopper, demonstrating Moisture Meter signal exchange with the dryer for error-free drying and maximum energy savings.

Moretto's participation in the Bottle Zone of the South Hall drew broad attention with a complete installation of material conveying and drying for PET, including a Moretto designed, manufactured and erected mezzanine, typical of high volume bottle pre-form production.

Modeled identical to a Moretto installation happening currently at a noted producer of pre-forms, the exhibit included a dual heat source drying system, designed to allow the user to quickly change between electric and natural gas heat sources for maximum energy savings.

Moretto at NPE Bottle Zone

The exclusive Moretto XD drying system provides adaptive drying for further energy savings through high-performance, Moretto-designed and built turbo-compressors, noteworthy for linear performance throughout their VFD-controlled speed range.