Herrmann Engineering software tools against Covid-19

Herrmann Engineering software…

In the fight against the corona virus, ventilators and corona tests have come to the fore. Herrmann Ultraschall supplies well-known manufacturers with the welding technology to assemble the necessary components such as mouth and nose contact pieces, floats, filters and housings. The two software tools FSC and SonicCalibrate developed by Herrmann play an important role for quality assurance in the ultrasonic welding process.

To ensure the required accuracy and tightness during joining, these software tools provide support in controlling the ultrasonic system. They enable reproducibility and traceability for the manufacturing process and fine adjustment and amplitude control for demanding materials.

SonicCalibrate for constant adjustment

In order to achieve a reproducible welding result and a constant welding process, it must be ensured that the relevant machine parameters have the same values reproducibly. The SonicCalibrate software is used to calibrate and verify the weld depth, weld force, sonotrode speed and amplitude. The correctly set speed prevents damage to sensitive seam geometries. In addition, it influences the maximum joining speed and the displacement of the melt in the subsequent joining process. The amplitude is decisive for the introduction of the ultrasonic power into the component and is therefore dominant in melt formation and the joining process. This is particularly important for sophisticated medical parts.

FSC for process logbook

This software offers the functionality to comply with the strict regulations of the American FDA (21 CFR Part 11) for tracking, as often required in the food, pharmaceutical and medical industries. It includes user administration and authentication as well as control of user authorizations. In addition, changes to the system are recorded in an audit trail.

The Herrmann Engineering provides encompassing support for welding process development: weldability tests, sample parts, seam design, technical implementation, TCO analysis, prototype tools and training. 


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