Fakuma 2017 Raring to Go

Fakuma 2017 Raring to Go
When the doors open at the Friedrichshafen Exhibition Centre on Lake Constance on the 17th of October, the region where three nations meet will once again be focused entirely on plastics technology through the 21st of October, 2017. With the Fakuma international trade fair for plastics processing, being held this year for the 25th time, private trade fair promoters P.E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG will set the next new record on the occasion of the upcoming anniversary event! For the first time ever, more than 1800 exhibitors from 37 countries will participate.

A full house with more than 1800 exhibitors and full occupancy of all exhibition floor space, as well as the foyers of the Friedrichshafen Exhibition Centre, in order to provide as many technology and market leaders from all over the world with a platform for the presentation of their products - with 915,000 square feet of overall exhibition floor space, maximum occupancy has been reached with the current hall layout.

And 25 editions of Fakuma are above all 36 years of industrial development for the processing of plastics as well, which have lived through numerous technological highs - as well as acceptance lows - during this period of nearly four decades. Without a doubt, the innovations and optimisations presented at the respective Fakuma trade fairs, for example rising levels of production efficiency and at the same time the conservation of resources and reduced energy consumption, as well as increased recycling, have made a strong contribution to objectivising discussions concerning all aspects of plastics.

Fakuma’s exhibition portfolio, which is clearly regulated by its nomenclature, has reflected this fact in the past and continues to do so today - by presenting the entire process sequence for industrial plastics processing from raw materials to product design, as well as tool and mould making, right on up to documented quality production and highly developed recycling systems.

As opposed to in the past, the term plastics technology is now no longer associated with negative notions, because serious efforts of the plastics processing industries targeted at efficient use of raw materials, high levels of functionality, longest possible service life and consistent recycling are bearing fruit in many places. Highly significant technology and industry events like the Fakuma international trade fair for plastics processing, and others too, have played a considerable role in this positive development, and have thus have made their contribution to broad-based acceptance of plastics in private settings as well as in work environments.

The fact that a trade fair should be, and is per se a pivotal point for the presentation of products, solutions and services, but nevertheless should also make it possible for customers/users to take the all-important look beyond their own horizons, could be mentioned here as an example - namely to the effect that an adequate supplementary programme is organised at the respective event for whose alignment and execution world class speakers and contact persons are made available for all concerns associated with plastics processing. As a logical consequence, and as a matter of being consistent, Fakuma’s anniversary edition will offer an interesting supplementary programme including, amongst other things, the well-known exhibitor forum, as well as a Recruiting, Basic and Further Training Day (Wednesday the 18th of October, 2017).

Throughout the four days of the trade fair there will be 38 individual presentations (including six on the issues of recruiting, basic and further training), which will deal with aspects such as requirements for high-performance polyamides, close-to-contour mould temperature control and increased productivity with tool coatings, as well as the benefits and opportunities of digitalisation. In keeping with the anniversary motto, “Plastics Meets Business”, the supplementary programme will round out the exhibition offerings by presenting Fakuma 2017 as an integrated information, communication, procurement and business platform, and as the industry event of the year.

Source: P.E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG