Energy from waste

Downtimes? No problem

Two strong steel doors provide access to the machine for service and maintenance. But what happens if the system suddenly shuts down? In such cases the customer can reach Vecoplan via the service hotline around the clock, every day of the year. Help comes over the phone right away. Vecoplan’s technicians first try to rectify the problem via remote diagnostics. In many cases the systems can go back online very quickly. In addition, the causes of the malfunction are determined in order to prevent a recurrence. FBSerwis additionally signed up for an economical and efficient feature, Vecoplan’s Live Service. Users can request direct online support from Vecoplan’s service technicians, who can access the controller and the control panel and identify, analyse and eliminate errors in real time. Live images can be transmitted via web cams and complex technical issues can be explained using chat, video or teleconference technology. In addition, relevant data and documents can be called up online.

Robust and energy-efficient

Trucks deliver mixed municipal waste to the plant. Front-end loaders pick up the input material and take it to a conveyor system which feeds the new pre-shredder. The machine, which is equipped with replaceable knives and counter knives to achieve consistent granularity, shreds the material to a uniform particle of less than 250 mm. The robust VVZ is equipped with an energy-efficient HiTorc drive. This dynamic, quick-start, high-torque synchronous drive has a power of 247 kW and is regulated by a 315 kW frequency converter. It requires no mechanical elements such as belt drives, flywheels or couplings. The HiTorc drive is very efficient and much less sensitive to impurities. It also requires much less maintenance than belt and hydraulic drives. “Our customer can achieve energy savings of 40 to 60 percent in the pre-shredding stage as compared with conventional drives,” says Suszyna.

After pre-shredding, the material is further processed. A magnetic separator removes all ferrous materials, and an air separator then separates the material flow into heavy and light fractions.

The HiTorc drive is very efficient and is insensitive to impurities. In comparison with belt and hydraulic drives, it requires hardly any maintenance.

Goal achieved

“Our primary goal was to increase the throughput of the waste-processing line so that we could produce more fuel,” says Arkadiusz Mężyk. The machine is flexible and focuses on energy-efficient operation. It even shreds difficult materials with high-quality results and at a high throughput. The company operates five days a week in three shifts, producing some 200,000 tonnes of high-quality output material per year.

FBSerwis can process 42 tonnes of material per hour with the new Vecoplan system.