Eco-consciousness dominating the packaging sector

Milliken Chemical created its new Hyperform HPN 909ei high-performance additive with the aim of helping packaging thermoformers achieve better end results when processing polypropylene (PP) homopolymers. That type of PP homopolymer is typically used to thermoform drink cups and lids, food packaging, and trays. This formulation delivers an excellent balance of physical properties and superb aesthetics – all enabled through cleaner chemistry.

Traditional nucleating agents typically require customers to sacrifice impact to gain greater stiffness. This additive, however, delivers better stiffness (flexural modulus) while maintaining good impact performance. It also provides isotropic shrinkage (similar shrinkage in both directions, thereby reducing warpage) and a higher heat-deflection temperature.

Milliken’s new PP additive for thermoforming uses cleaner chemistry to deliver brighter look.

Additionally, Hyperform HPN 909ei also helps to minimize migration, especially in food-contact applications. This new grade of Hyperform has one Specific Migration Limit (SML) less than the previous generation product, a fact that is especially vital for safety reassurance in the European Union. A lower number of SMLs means there is one less substance that must be monitored and tested for, reducing customers’ compliance burden.

Sabic, the massive Saudi Arabian chemicals and plastics producer, said that German skin-care products maker Beiersdorf AG has agreed to use certified renewable polypropylene (PP) from Sabic’s TruCircle portfolio of bio-based materials in its cosmetics packaging. Beiersdorf will introduce the new packaging products in the market this year, replacing fossil-based virgin PP.

Michael Becker, head of global packaging development at Beiersdorf, stated: “We are proud to be the first in our mass market segment to use polypropylene made from renewable, plant-based raw materials as a packaging material for our cosmetic products.”

Jabil Inc., a manufacturing and supply-chain management behemoth with 260,000 employees across 100 locations in 30 countries, is throwing its considerable heft behind the innovative products developed by Ecologic Brands Inc. Manteca, California-based Ecologic produces sustainable packaging specializing in paper bottle and paper-based packaging solutions.

Jabil Packaging Solutions has added Ecologic Brands and its range of plastic-lined paper bottles to its portfolio via a recent acquisition.

Jabil, based in St. Petersburg, Florida, and a huge plastics processor in its own right, acquired Ecologic and is adding it to its Jabil Packaging Solutions division. Ecologic’s paper bottles do contain a lightweight inner plastic liner that is non-laminated, mono-material and entirely recyclable. The firm’s patented eco.bottle is made with 60 percent less plastic than rigid plastic bottles, with an outer fiber shell made from 100 percent recycled cardboard and old newspaper that meets ASTM D 6868 composting standards.

It’s clear that brand owners in the packaging sector have never been more eco-conscious, and that this trend is taking many forms – from sourcing more sustainable raw materials, to designing products that are more recyclable or compostable, using biopolymers, or finding ways to reduce overall material use.

These developments and much more will be on display at Chinaplas 2021 in Shenzhen during April 13-16. Come to see first-hand the materials, machinery and technologies that are helping to enable a more sustainable packaging future. 


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