Chinaplas debuts in Shenzhen

Seize the huge opportunity, light up the Greater Bay Area 

In addition to the representatives of industry associations, representatives of exhibitors and buyers participating in Chinaplas also discussed the business opportunities arisen from the high-quality development in the Greater Bay Area, as well as the new technology needs derived from the era at the ceremony. 

Mr. Li Jianjun, Director & CSO of Kingfa Sci. & Tech. Co., Ltd. delivered a speech on "The Sustainable and Innovative Development of China's Plastics Industry", in which he shared his views on the prevention and control of plastic waste pollution & sustainable development, as well as his experience in green and low-carbon circular development from the aspects of degradation, reuse and recycling. Kingfa produced more than 1.2 million tons of environmentally friendly quality recycled plastics from 2004 to 2019. 

Mr. James Zhang, General Manager of Yizumi IMM Division / Director & DGM of Yizumi Group, Guangdong Yizumi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., shared in the keynote speech "Application-driven, Smarter Future", highlighted lightweight, personalized, multifunctional, recyclability, degradability, energy saving, emission reduction and other environmental protection trends which help to reduce cost and enhance efficiency, improve automation, smart machines, industrial interconnection and other digital transformations, providing new functions and new needs for the industrial development. In order to respond quickly to the new needs of the industry, Yizumi will be bringing a wealth of new applications and new total technology solutions to Chinaplas 2021 such as ReactPro Polyurethane reaction injection molding integrated solution, Micro-Foaming injection molding solution, electric injection molding solution and intelligent factory solutions to the exhibition. 

Arburg helps customers to upgrade their business, quickly establish digitalization and intelligentization, create a green world and circular economy through the combination of international advanced technology and localized solutions in the Greater Bay Area. Ms. Christine Li, Marketing Manager of Arburg (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., introduced in a speech titled "WIR SIND DA" that Arburg will showcase some innovative technologies such as pipette tip, LSR lens for car lights and lightweight-FDC, digital & intelligent PM at Chinaplas. 

The innovation of plastics and rubber materials and machinery has speeded up the arrival of intelligent era. The new intelligent era is coming, driving upstream demands for new materials and new equipment. As a representative of the downstream application industries of plastics and rubber, Mr. Gence Shi, the R&D Director of Lenovo Research Institute, mentioned in "Rubber and Plastics Technology Leads Intelligent Era", that in response to the new intelligent era, the demand for special dielectric materials, high-strength and weight-reducing materials, environmentally friendly, healthy, and degradable, recyclable/antiviral materials, etc. has soared significantly. From 4G to 5G, consumer electronics materials have changed: filter materials have changed from metal filters to microwave ceramic filters, PCB key materials have changed from copper foil substrates to high-frequency substrates, and antenna materials have changed from PI to LCP/MPI, etc., providing a vast space for the application of plastics. 

Be smart, and more environmentally friendly! Mr. Chen Shou, Chairman of Shenzhen Beauty Star Co., Ltd., discussed how to make efforts in the aspects such as recyclable design, multi-channel recycling, and classified and graded utilization of plastics packaging under the circular economy in his speech titled "A Discussion on Sustainable Development of Plastics Packaging at Chinaplas 2021". He stated that Chinaplas, as an "accelerator" to promote innovation in the plastics packaging industry, is looking forward to seeing recycling equipment, post-consumer recycled materials, single structure recyclable materials, CMF surface treatment process, biodegradable materials and smart and efficient equipment at Chinaplas 2021.


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