BASF at Compamed 2014

BASF at Compamed 2014
At Compamed 2014 in Düsseldorf BASF is exhibiting innovative products for medical applications made of plastics (polyoxymethylene and thermoplastic polyurethanes), its widely applicable non-phthalate plasticizer Hexamoll DINCH and acResin, a variable adhesive raw material for medical adhesive tapes.

Highly durable films with wall thicknesses in the micrometer range

With the thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) from BASF, molding to form extremely thin-walled films in complex shapes is now possible. This is due to the consistent quality of the raw material. These thin-walled films also create new and versatile areas of use in medical applications. For instance, the company Creative Balloons Maschinenbau GmbH & CoKG in Heidelberg has now used Elastollan, the TPU from BASF, to manufacture a balloon which interacts with the body with almost neutral pressure, flexibly foldable tube elements, elastically deformable foam suppositories (in the head section) and a discharging drainage tube for an improved stool drainage system with a new type of innovative functionality. The tissue-friendly hygthec system from Creative Balloons thus promises relief for bedridden patients with liquid stools.

The balloon element in the head section of the system can be positioned with a low filling pressure and utilizes the pressure prevailing in the body in a novel way to reliably seal and anchor the drainage tube in the anus. The consistent and high quality of Elastollan 1195A makes it possible to manufacture the functionally segmented body of the balloon with a wall thickness of just a few micrometers. In addition, Elastollan 1190A is used in the tube element on the inside: this element is elastically deformable and self-righting, axially and radially kinkable and foldable and therefore does not cause too much discomfort to the patient. In addition, it considerably reduces the likelihood of perforation-related injuries to the intestinal wall. The elastically deformable suppository (green, in the head section) is made of thermoplastically molded polyurethane foam (Elastollan 1160A) and the yellow ring at the bottom end of the head section is also a TPU foam.

In addition to the complex shaped head section, the discharging drainage tube is also made of TPU (Elastollan 1185A). Here too the properties of the thermoplastic polyurethane play a crucial role. Elastollan is a highly transparent, chemically resistant, extremely tear-resistant, elastically folding and resetting material. This means that in the low-pressure range it represents a genuine alternative to materials such as PVC, latex, and silicone. In addition, the combination of PU films and thermoplastically molded PU foam in one application facilitates production and delivery processes at the customer.


Wide field of application of Hexamoll DINCH

Also at Compamed, BASF will be presenting a broad range of applications of the non-phthalate plasticizer Hexamoll DINCH. Thanks to its low migration rate and excellent toxicological profile, Hexamoll DINCH is perfectly suited as a safe alternative to traditional phthalates that are used in medical applications.

Hexamoll DINCH is used, for example, in products for enteral and parenteral feeding, as well as in catheters and breathing masks. Studies have also shown that Hexamoll DINCH is suitable for use in blood bags. Red blood cells can survive 42 days of storage without any problems; blood platelets can be stored for six days without any restrictions. In recognition of this outstanding result, in 2013 a joint project in which BASF was involved received the SolVin Award Special Prize. Good blood compatibility is also confirmed during use in dialysis sets. Moreover, with soft PVC articles that contain Hexamoll DINCH, the technical properties are maintained even after sterilization. In addition to the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC, Hexamoll DINCH also satisfies other regulatory requirements for medical applications around the world. It is also licensed for products that come into contact with food in many countries.

Leading brand owners in the medical industry, toy industry and food industry rely on Hexamoll DINCH thanks to its wide variety of uses, reliability of supply and traceability. In May 2014, the second plant producing 100,000 metric tons a year began operating. The total capacity is 200,000 metric tons a year and the intention is that this should cover the increasing demand.


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