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First application of Ultraform PRO

Ultraform S2320 003 PRO (polyoxymethylene) from BASF is used in the Skin Stretcher from the company BioWim GmbH in Freiburg im Breisgau. The material is particularly suitable for this intended use as it reduces the friction between touching functional parts and thus enables easy handling during application. In addition, the material has very good flowability. The plastic parts for the Skin Stretcher are produced in an injection-molding process at the company Josef Frech KG. Following a development phase lasting around four years, the project is now on the verge of going into mass production. Ultraform PRO offered a persuasive choice primarily thanks to its mechanical properties, i.e. the combination of high rigidity and strength with excellent resilience and spring characteristics, which is hugely important for the spring component of the part. In addition, the material offers demonstrated compliance with the relevant international standards and tests for the use of plastics in medical technology.

The Skin Stretcher is an implement which can be used to close the skin when treating large wounds following operations or accidents. The total of six hook modules are introduced into the edges of the wound on both sides and then pulled together. The wound is then closed up with a simple skin suture so that complicated skin grafts are no longer required. The intuitive handling of the Stretcher makes it easier for the surgeon to operate – the wound can be sewn up in just one action. Together with its plastics from the "PRO" family (PRO: Profile covered raw materials only), BASF offers a comprehensive service package that is adapted specifically to cater for the requirements of medical technology. As well as support with applications, it includes the documented intention not to make any changes to the plastic formulation stored in the drug master file (DMF) at the FDA.

acResin - the adjustable adhesive raw material for medical tapes

Medical tapes must fulfill strict requirements, since they should not cause any cytotoxic and allergenic reaction or skin irritation. Particularly for such sensitive applications the adhesive raw material acResin A 260 UV is ideally suited, proven by the ISO certificate 10993 "Biological evaluation of medical devices". In addition to its compatibility the UV-curable, solvent- and latex-free pressure sensitive adhesive is characterized by excellent technical properties, such as high durability, adjustable adhesive performance, transparency and low VOC-emissions.

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