Amut's success story continues in Latin America

Amut's success story continues…

On last December, we completed the installation of the first of three PET recycling plants. The new 6,000 kg/h line supplied in Lima, Peru's largest recycling plant, was designed to meet the customer's need to produce rPET bottles. Progress is underway at the Città del Guatemala site, in Guatemala, for the development of a 3,000 kg/h integrated sorting and washing solution. The erection phase started in January under the supervision of our experts.  

At the third site in Bogotà, Colombia, the construction of another 3,000 kg/h is proceeding smoothly.  Amut's technical and technological capabilities based on high performance patented machineries, guarantee both high production capacity and quality of the flakes, making them suitable for Bottle-to-Bottle application, where the final product requires a subsequent re-gradation treatment. The ecologically sound plant is water, energy and chemical efficient, reducing fresh water usage to 1.1 liter for each kg of high purity rPET flakes.


This process, while producing rPET, contributes to remove thousands of tons of plastic from the environment for a more sustainable world, following the dictates of the circular economy. Amut is devoted to supporting its customers in achieving sustainability goals by designing and implementing technologies that are proven to meet environmental targets.