Ampacet introduces compatibilizer masterbatch REVIVE 962 E

Ampacet introduces compatibilizer…

Ampacet, a global masterbatch leader, has introduced REVIVE 962 E, a compatibilizer masterbatch that enables recycling of multi-material packaging made of polyolefin and technical polymer components into quality film applications. 

While most flexible, mono-material packaging films - polyethylene and polypropylene - can easily be mechanically recycled, recycling multi-material packaging structures presents challenges. Food products, for example, may require multi-material packaging to provide gas barrier functionality that protects packaged food, extends shelf life and reduces food waste. Disturbing the polyolefin recycling stream with non-polyolefin components must be avoided when recycling multi-material packaging films in order to ensure a level of quality that allows upcycling into new packaging.

Ampacet REVIVE 962 E offers a sustainable solution for multi-material polyolefin barrier packaging that enables use of reclaimed material in quality film applications and provides an alternate end-of-life to landfill disposal. Ampacet REVIVE 962 E allows higher usage of recycled plastics and helps to reduce consumption of virgin material. 

Ampacet REVIVE 962 E is specifically designed for in-house recycling of polyolefin EVOH-based barrier film industrial scraps back into the original film structure, when preservation of optical and mechanical properties is required. Ampacet REVIVE 962 E improves the homogeneity and transparency of reprocessed polymer blends. Mechanical properties of films made with these blends are similar to the main base polymer. 

Circular Economy is a mandate for the plastic packaging industry in order to meet the recycling targets set by the European Commission. The European Commission mandates a minimum of 50% recycling of plastic packaging by 2025 (55% by 2030), targeting 10 million Mt of recycled plastics to be reused in the EU.


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Source: Ampacet