Ampacet expands laser marking masterbatch solutions with LaserMarkFlexTM technology

Ampacet expands laser marking…

Ampacet, a global masterbatch leader, introduces the LaserMarkFlexTM portfolio of masterbatches designed for high definition laser marking on flexible film using Nd:YAG technology. 

The antimony-free product range consists of LaserMarkFlex 1081, formulated for black/dark grey marking and LaserMarkFlex 1135, for lighter grey marking with broader food approval status (EC and FDA). 

LaserMarkFlex, which is fully compliant with circular economy design guidelines, enables monochrome permanent and anti-counterfeit marking and provides a robust, waterproof, lightfast and chemical and abrasion-resistant surface. Because it is an ink-free technology, no surface pre-treatment is required, saving drying time and energy. LaserMarkFlex features excellent flexibility and allows easy personalization and serialization, making it ideal for small batch sizes and quick-change layouts. 

LaserMarkFlex masterbatches can be used for barcode printing
LaserMarkFlex masterbatches can be used for barcode printing

LaserMarkFlex masterbatches, suitable for use in monolayer as well as coextruded film structures, can be used to print logos, barcodes, expiration or best-before dates and serial numbers on labels and packaging. 

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