All-electric PX 320 will show double IMD and IML simultaneously

As with the IMD SI DUO, the additional process is also completely integrated into the very compact manufacturing cell. On the conveyor belt, UV lamps ensure the hardening of the scratch-proof layer (at Fakuma, this function will be deactivated for safety reasons), followed by a laser station, which first removes flakes and flash and then cuts the sprue and provides a waste box. Industrial robots with sophisticated gripper technology operate in minimal space for this function. A cleanroom hood from the company Max Petek Reinraumtechnik above the clamping unit provides the technical cleanroom and ensures a dust-free mold chamber in order to prevent inclusions, which would render the components unusable.

A further advantage of the new PX 320 at Fakuma: The cell is a mobile unit and can be rapidly docked to other machines by means of mechanical fixture points. This increases flexibility in production, as the machines can be simply operated for components with or without IMD technology.

Smaller than ever: The new PX 25

The new little sister in the PX series, the PX 25, with its clamping force of only 250 kN, is aimed at articles with low shot weight, for example precision components for clocks, gears and gearbox elements. The Fakuma application will make it clear: A sealing ring made of liquid silicone (LSR) with an intricate undercut and a weight of only 0.15 g, in the field of micro-injection molding and requiring only 14 seconds cycle time. For this purpose, a new plasticizing process was developed with an only 12-mm-thin screw and complemented with a spring-loaded check valve. Below the cantilever clamping unit there is space for the necessary vacuum pump or similar peripherals.

Within the standard enclosure of the PX 25, the entire process including demolding and depositing of the component can be accommodated by means of a coherent automation solution. The SPX 10 sprue picker is suitable especially for low room heights (as in the cleanroom), as well as for demolding scenarios using a swiveling axis – even for multi-cavity applications. KraussMaffei Automation also contributed the intricate precision grippers, which are required for the removal of the tiny components.

PX 25

In the context of Industry 4.0, visitors to the KraussMaffei booth will be able to observe the application using a HoloLens, which visualizes all the main set-up functions on the machine and the mold.

Other partners for the trade show exhibits are the companies Evonik and Dow Silicones (material), HB Therm and GWK (temperature control), Motan Colortronic and MiniMix ACH (metering technology), and Datronik (laser technology).

Source: KraussMaffei