Albis Plastic distributes sustainable products from QCP

Albis Plastic distributes… Albis Plastic is proud to add LyondellBasell's Quality Circular Polymers (QCP) range of recycled products to its portfolio. Owned by LyondellBasell and SUEZ, QCP is a manufacturer of high-quality renewable polymers. LyondellBasell markets QCP materials as a part of its existing Moplen PP and Hostalen PE product families.

"LyondellBasell's QCPs products represent an optimum addition to our already comprehensive range of sustainable solutions to meet the growing demand of high-end recycled plastics", says Horst Klink, Vice President Distribution at Albis. "These distribution rights support our growth ambitions in the circular economy and we are very pleased about this opportunity."

SUEZ has developed leading-edge technology solutions to improve the identification, separation and preparation of materials from household collection systems as a feedstock at QCP.

In QCP's integrated and automated production process this pre-sorted post-consumer packaging is transformed in PE and PP resins using an extensive preparation, cleaning - including hot wash reactors - and compounding process for a large portfolio of HDPE and PP compounds for injection molding and also for extrusion and blow molding processes.

Typical and demanding applications are crates, boxes, bottles and cans in the consumer and cosmetics industry as well as automotive and E&E components.

Source: Albis Plastic

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