A real lightweight: Sustainable order picking pallet from Cabka

A real lightweight: Sustainable…

Users in logistics put a focus on saving resources in order to reduce CO2 emissions and meet the requirements of the circular economy. As a specialist for reusable transport packaging made of recycled plastics, Cabka has taken up these challenges and developed the new, nestable Retail E5.3 order picking pallet. All companies looking for a durable and environmentally friendly solution for their goods transport are on the safe side with the new Retail E5.3 order picking pallet from Cabka. As an alternative to the wooden pallet, the plastic version has several advantages: it is lighter, more robust, easier to keep clean and less prone to repair. "With our retail pallets, we have made logistics in food retailing more cost-efficient and sustainable. But never has the transport of goods been as safe and reliable as with the new Retail E5.3," emphasises Jean-Marc van Maren, Chief Product Development Officer at Cabka. The upgraded pallet is even more rigid than its predecessor and has the ability to be fitted with different anti-slip grommets. Additionally, new optional edges have been introduced for fruit, vegetable and meat crates, ensuring they remain securely in place.

Nestable plastic pallets offer companies in the food industry a great alternative to heavy Euro wooden pallets for picking and transporting goods to the stores. At this point, the user can easily integrate the Retail E5.3 into the logistics process. The pallet circulates between the distribution centre and the sales floor and creates many more circulations than wooden exchange pallets.

The Retail E5.3 does not need the usual skids. It is light and nestable, which makes it volume-saving - so users can reduce both their storage and transport costs. Another advantage of this pallet is the consistently high quality throughout its lifetime. The Retail E5.3 is also convincing in terms of work safety and ergonomics: it has a smooth surface that is hygienic and easy to clean, as well as bevelled edges. There are no annoying splinters and nails that cause injury or damage to the load. The lightweight construction is easy on employees' backs when lifting and carrying. In terms of environmental protection, the load carrier scores with its resource-saving construction made of recycled plastic and the fact that the material cycle is closed at the end of its useful life: Cabka takes back the worn-out pallets and recycles them into new ones.

The Retail E5.3 is available in Euro pallet dimensions of 1,200 x 800 millimetres, carries loads of up to 2,400 kilograms and is 100 percent compatible with its predecessor. Compared to a wooden pallet, the lightweight can save up to 500 kilograms of dead weight per truck delivery.