Zamak Mercator Sp. z o.o.

extruders, filament production line

Address details:

Str. J. Piłsudskiego 23
Poland, 32 - 050 Skawina

Activity description

Cable Machinery Plant ZAMAK Sp. Z o.o. for over 60 years has been specialising in production of machines for processing of plastics, rubber and silicone, such as extruders, pelleting machines and complete technological lines. Recently, supported by its own engineering design office and its own machinery park, ZAMAK has extended its offer by specialistic extruders and devices for laboratory lines suitable for the needs of modern research centres. We are also the sole representative for Poland of a Czech company “GDK – Blow Moulding Machine”, the manufacturer of extrusion blow moulding machines, and in particular of the devices for production of:  bottles and tanks for chemistry and households,  bottles for cosmetics,  packagings for food and pharmaceutical industry,  technological products to be used in automotive industry made of such plastics as: PE, PP, PETG, PC and PCV. We also produce custom-made screws and cylinders. We also carry out plastifying systems regeneration. We make complex works which include automation and modernisation of devices and complete production lines, not only from the area of plastics processing. Our offer also includes honing processes, welding, grinding, turning, milling of oversized steel elements. We carry out overhaul of devices and production lines for industry and typography. Thanks to our well-qualified staff and excellent technical back-up facilities we are able to offer our clients such solutions that suit their needs in a perfect way.

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