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Polyethylene PE, LDPE, HDPE...

Standard polyethylenes LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, MDPE; High-performance polyethylenes LLDPE, VLDPE; Modified polyethylene PEX, PEC; Polyethylene copolymers and specialty polyethylenes EVA, EEA, EAA, MAH, EVAL, EVOH; Specialty copolymers PVAC, PVB, PVAL

Industrial waste collection and management, recyclables, waste paper, plastics (LDPE, PP, PVC, other), LDPE regranulate, PP regranulate


AUTOPLASTA Ltd. is a reliable partner supplying chemical and polymer products and offering technical support (know-how) with solutions for your bussiness.


Was established in 2017 as a family company, which goal is to offer all ecological services to its business partners. We always try to meet your requirements individually, with the utmost care and adapt to your wishes

Czech Republic