Avenir LTD. Sp. z o. o.

Importer and distributor of plastic materials

Address details:

Str. Odlewnicza 7
Poland, 03-231 Warszawa


Avenir Sp. z o.o. offer includes:
  • HDPE low pressure polyethylenes
  • LDPE and LLDPE low pressure polyethylenes
  • Polystyrenes
  • Polypropylenes
  • EPS Expandable Polystyrenes
  • Pastes

AVENIR was funded in 1991 and since than is an importer and a distributor of plastics on the Polish market. Company also re-exports plastic materials to other European countries.

Other fields of our activity includes exporting plastics to Korea and China and exporting building materials to Russia.

Since 1997 our company is active in the fields of construction building (eg. warehouses, halls, offices and traditional wooden houses) and finishing works.

Main sources of our imports are: Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Hungary, Croatia, Korea, China.

Having approx 150 contractors - small and medium-size companies - we are continuously able upgrade services, technical support and preferential sales conditions for Avenir's regular customers.

Thanks to our professional machines and over 2000 m2 of warehouses space we are capable of performing effective loading and unloading of various products from 25kg packages up to 1000kg octabin containers. Avenir Logistics Our offer includes freight cars of up to 120 m3 loading space. Offer includes Polish, Russian and Belarussian lorrys (tilt trailer trucks and cillers with HVG).

Our speciality is the transport through the SNG/Russia territories (incl. Kazakhstan, Ural mountains) and naturally - countries of western Europe.

We are able to organize loading for trucks coming back from the territories of Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine and other SNG or EU countries.

Avenir Sp. z o.o. is the exclusive distributor of DuPont Microcircuit Materials pastes for electronic elements serigraphic production (eg. electroluminescent panels, membrane keyboards, car window and mirror heating systems etc.).

Avenir Sp. z o.o. is also the exclusive exporter of DOW Deutschland GmbH Expandable Polystyrenes to Ukrainian markets.

Plastic Granulates Department - Contact:
Iwona Śliwińska
e-mail: iwona.sliwinska@avenir.com.pl
phone + 600 255 233, +48 22 6769680, +48 22 8112667

Export/Import Department:
Magdalena Pochmara
e-mail: magdalena.pochmara@op.pl
phone +48 604 995 335


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