motan-colortronic shows the ULTRABLEND 95 dosing and mixing system

motan-colortronic shows the ULTRABLEND 95 dosing and mixing system
motan-colortronic gmbh, Friedrichsdorf, Germany, a renowned producer of systems for sustainable raw materials handling in the areas of injection moulding, blow moulding, extrusion, compounding and in the chemicals industry, will show the latest version of the ULTRABLEND 95 gravimetric batch dosing and mixing unit during MEDTEC, Stuttgart, Germany, 26th to 28th February 2013.

The ULTRABLEND 95 offers clear advantages to manufacturers of thermoplastic medical devices. The processing of raw material compounds that are sometimes extremely expensive in hygienically clean operations (possibly also in cleanrooms) into medical primary packaging, components, implants, instruments and equipment requires the highest levels of cleanliness, precision and cost discipline. The medical device moulder Aero Pump GmbH, with its headquarters located in Hochheim, Germany, meanwhile has more than 50 of these special systems in use on injection moulding machines. As a leading supplier of pharmaceutical devices, the company supplies more than 140 million dosing and atomising units annually throughout the world for nose, throat and ear sprays, as well as eye drop dispensers.

The gravimetric ULTRABLEND blender has been developed for consistently precise dosing and mixing of free-flowing raw materials – plastic granulates and additives. It improves process quality and stability and makes its own contribution towards minimising production costs. With the design in electro-polished stainless steel, motan has placed great emphasis on clear functions, minimum maintenance and easy operation in a hygienically clean production environment. All material hoppers and mixing chambers have been designed without any “dead zones”. All seams are fully welded. As a result, no residual amounts of material can build up and contamination of subsequent batches is therefore eliminated.

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