Universal PCR TPE - a multitalented compound for the plastics industry

Universal PCR TPE - a multitalented…

The latest solution from Kraiburg TPE makes a post-consumer recycling proportion of 40% possible. The focus is also on quality and availability. That’s what the plastics manufacturer from Waldkraiburg, Germany, is providing with its Universal PCR TPE – a compound with sophisticated mechanics that can be used universally.

The world of plastics is currently experiencing a surge in sustainability values – faster, higher, greener is what the desired material is expected to be. But quality is an issue that must not fall by the wayside. The most sustainable solution is the one that can continue to be used for a long time. That saves time, energy and resources and scores points with consumers. Survey results prove this turnaround in preferences: Companies with a defective sustainability policy are punished, and people adjust their consumption patterns. Sustainability is a purchase criterion. Kraiburg TPE is supporting customers with this shift in consumption behavior and, with Universal PCR TPE, is providing a multitalented compound that can be used in many different fields of application.

Kraiburg TPE’s latest thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) has been specially developed for consumer and industry applications and contains up to 40% post-consumer recyclate (PCR). In accordance with ISO 14021, the manufacturer recycles materials that end consumers from households and industry can no longer use for their intended purpose. With its Universal PCR TPE, the competence leader is supporting customers and end users in implementing their sustainability targets and applications and is presenting a tough plastic that provides plenty of possible applications and is suitable as an alternative for established market solutions.

“The development process focused on Kraiburg TPE’s desire to offer customers a sophisticated alternative to our most-requested compounds. Universal PCR TPE is our multi-tool in the field of compounds, with a proportion of recycled materials ranging between 13% and 40% that come from households or commercial and industrial waste streams,” says Dr. Jan Bothe, Product Development Scientist at KRAIBURG TPE. “We’ve spent a lot of time on developing a product that can make a real difference. This series enables us to offer customers and prospective clients a useful, high-quality alternative to established products.”

Universal PCR TPE also has strong points in color and mechanics. Designers and developers appreciate the various color and tone options designed to meet people’s needs: Compounds are available in natural color as a basis for customer-specific color solutions as well as in a gray color characteristic for recycled plastics. Another feature worth emphasizing is the compound’s processability, which is in no way inferior to that of standard solutions and sets new standards for PCR compounds. Product managers will benefit from constant and high quality as well as from availability in Europe. When needed, certificates of conformity with REACH and RoHS can be issued on request.

Universal PCR TPE is now available for customers in the EMEA area.