TriVision’s vision systems at Warsaw Pack for the first time

TriVision’s vision systems…

TriVision - Danish company delivering vision technology solutions for the production industry - will present its offer for the first time in Poland. The company invites to its booth during the Warsaw Pack fairs from 5 to 7 March.

TriVision provides quality control systems based on vision technologies. The combination of cameras and high-quality software allows to detect the errors early, and to identify the production phases requiring optimization. Its solutions help to automate control processes, limiting manual work, improving the quality of products, protecting against costly withdrawals of products. The systems allows to detect the unsealing packaging, quality errors, incorrect labelling. Thanks to the TriVisions’ solutions, defective packaging is less likely to reject high value goods: it leads to significant savings and minimizes downtimes.

TriVision will present its flagship solutions: VisioPointer and SmartInspector. They are able to co-operate with all types of industrial robots - thanks to OPC Unified Architecture standard.

VisioPointer is a fully integrated quality control system in a stand-alone unit. It is a complete vision system and ejection mechanism. Simple to install on an existing production line.

SmartInspector ensures production optimization in a single camera. Compact mechanism offers advanced capabilities in quality control. For installation on an existing production line, simple to install.

The solutions will be presented by the company's experts, including its Managing Director - Jesper Bach. TriVision invites to stand no. 16 in hall E at the Ptak Expo in Nadarzyn.

Trivision VisioPointer

VisioPointer is a complete, fully integrated quality control system in a stand-alone unit. It can be simple installed on an existing production line.