Total unveils the second Supertough 22ST05

Total unveils the second Supertough 22ST05
Following the recent successful launch of Supertough 32ST05 in flexible packaging, which enables 25% thinner but stronger films, Total now brings a 2nd grade aimed at the industrial film sector, Supertough 22ST05.

Lumicene Supertough family of metallocene polyethylene is a breakthrough for multilayer film structures that embraces the industry need for easy to process, high-performance, downgauging solutions for the industrial, hygiene and food film sectors.

Supertough 22ST05's combination of excellent bubble stability, mechanical properties and with potential to downgauge by up to 25%, opens greater development perspectives for wide width films. These large width films are ideal for agriculture as well as transportation and protection applications.

With the enhanced properties of Supertough 22ST05, customers can improve the performance and the cost of their films. Sonia De Greef, Business Manager Flexible Packaging & Personal Care, Total says: "By really boosting product properties, we can generate added value for both our customers and consumers right through the value chain. It is reassuring for our customers in the packaging and the industrial film sector to know that we continue to find ways for them to improve the performance of their product in a cost sensitive way."

De Greef continues, "Customers are asking us for cost innovative solutions to respond to current and future market needs, which is why we created Supertough. This innovation allows converters to combine one layer of Supertough with the most standard of prime materials and even with regrind from post consumer waste in the other layers, such that the final film has improved performance with the benefit of cost savings."

Supertough 32ST05 and Supertough 22ST05 are the first two members of a new and innovative family within Total's metallocene portfolio. The Total Lumicene grade slate covers the full range of low (mLLDPE), medium (mMDPE) to high (mHDPE) densities. mHDPE is designed for specific customer end-applications and highly appreciated by the flexible packaging market for its ease of processing, excellent film mechanical properties and a unique stiffness/optics balance. This Lumicene range extended with the Supertough family creates a unique offering for the film sector.