The 30th Chinaplas grandly opens

New ideas are introduced not only by the organizer in terms of theme zones and events, but also by exhibitors in the form of premiere technologies. The organizer disclosed that there are over 40 kinds of ground-breaking technologies which are launched for their first time either in the world or Asia, including:
  • Arburg's Allrounder Golden Electric is precise, powerful and energy-efficient. It comes in four sizes with a clamping force ranging from 600 to 2,000 kN. The machines are also easy to maintain, and can save energy up to 50% when comparing to hydraulic machines;
  • LeanEX 90 high-speed polyolefin pipe extrusion lines introduced by Battenfeld-Cincinnati (Foshan) produce good quality pipes with high line speed. For 630 mm pipe lines, the speed is 5 m/min. The output of the LeanEX 90-30 model is 800kg/h for HDPE and 640kg/h for PP-R;
  • Makrolon polycarbonate from Covestro realizes the key attributes of Kaynemaile's architectural mesh - its light weight, remarkable strength and translucency. The seamless architectural mesh is produced via a continuous injection molding process resulting in a 3D structure comprised of solid rings. The final product is recyclable, highly durable and resistant to rust;
  • Milacron introduces innovative injection molding solution, namely Klear Can which is a multi-layer plastic can. It can replace metal can in the area of packaging and it has a longer shelf life. The can's excellent transparency allows consumers to judge the quality of food and its packaging material is not consist of Bisphenol A;
  • Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics launches Innate Precision Packaging Resins which will empower customers to unlock new packaging opportunities through unmatched stiffness-toughness balance, processing ease and improved sustainability profiles. The materials can further reduce weight and increase packaging efficiency. They are suitable for both flexible packaging and industrial packaging;
  • NatureWorks' new Ingeo-based film features high oxygen and water vapor barrier properties. With the adoption of Metalvuoto Oxaqua coating technology, the Ingeo base film can replace two layers of different materials with one layer that simultaneously provides excellent barrier and heat-seal ability;
  • YuMi, the world's first truly collaborative dual-arm industrial robot is launched by ABB. While YuMi was specifically designed to meet the flexible and agile production needs of the consumer electronics industry, it can operate in very close collaboration with humans and it is also compact, with human dimensions and human movements, which make human coworkers feel safe and comfortable.
Ada Leung remarks that all the common characteristics of these technologies, namely, innovation, automation, precision, safety, energy-efficiency and cost-reduction, are closely tied to the practical needs of entrepreneurs when they transform and upgrade their businesses. These characteristics also enhance the multi-functionality, added-values, efficiency and competitive edges of products, supporting the sustainability of businesses. Chinaplas is more than an annual platform for industries to showcase their products and technologies. It is also a source of inspiration for product developers, engineers and designers.

A Kaleidoscope of events tailored for application industries

The success of Chinaplas depends on the prosperity of the downstream industries. In this light, a number of communicative activities are organized to include the participation of application industries, so that their needs and future development can be clearly understood. Examples of such activities are the 2nd Medical Plastics Conference, 2016 Haier Supplier Communication Conference, MicroPort Technical Conference, Seminar on The Trend and Development of Consumer Electronics Technology, Industry-University-Research Collaboration Summit on Plastics Packaging - Latest R&D Achievements of Green Packaging Materials and Seminar on How to Cope with the New Demands of Plastics Application in Automotive Industry.

Turning new pages, molding a fine future

Trends affect industries, but creativity never goes out of style. According to Ada Leung, the demand for high performance, personalized products is increasing, resulting from the constant pursuit of quality life by the expanding middle-class consumer base worldwide, and in turn contributes to the trend of small batch multi-variety production, which involves shorter lives and development cycles of products. The ever changing consumer needs are driving forces of the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing sector. In a sense, the yarns that have weaved the development of Chinaplas have been the global economies, the concerns of the industry and the society, as well as the needs of the buyers. In the years to come, Chinaplas will continue to guide the industry in these changing times by seizing opportunities in the dynamic environment in order to mold a fine future.


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