Tetra Laval is donating € 10 Mio towards COVID-19 relief efforts

Tetra Laval is donating €…

The COVID-19 pandemic has made an unprecedented impact on communities worldwide. To support the global response to this crisis, the Tetra Laval Group will donate € 10 Mio to various voluntary organisations supporting the health care systems across the countries that company operates in.

While maintaining important measures to ensure the health and safety of its employees, the Tetra Laval Group which comprises Tetra Pak, Sidel and DeLaval, is fully committed to play its part in ensuring uninterrupted food supplies during these difficult times.

Tetra laval Group is grateful for the unwavering contribution of its employees to address this extraordinary challenge, in striving to maintain the health and safety of individuals as well as the continuity of food supplies.



The Sidel Group designs, manufactures, assembles, supplies and sells complete packaging lines for liquid foods packaged.