Tailor-made hot runner solutions for planar components

Superior appearance

A project that has been developed together with the heating and cooling specialist Roctool, KraussMaffei and the toolmaker Flex is a cover, only 1.5 mm thick, for a 14" laptop. The part is produced by sequential injection molding using a five-drop FLEXflow hot runner system with induction heating and cooling technology from Roctool. It is made from a highly glass fiber-reinforced polycarbonate (up to 50% by weight). The two technologies make it possible for the part to satisfy the very highest demands in terms of appearance and functionality. A visible surface combining high gloss and matte areas is produced in a single shot with a cost-efficient cycle time of around 50 seconds and a minimum of production scrap.

Here, HRSflow's FLEXflow technology proves to be the ideal solution because the integrated servo-electric pin drive offers a variety of possibilities for setting the process parameters. For example, the individual valve pins of the hot runner system can be controlled independently of one another with regard to their position (stroke), velocity and acceleration. This means that users can individually control the pressures and flow rates during the entire mold-filling process at every individual gate and thus optimize the quality of their injection moldings. This results in parts with a streak-free Class A surface and minimized warpage combined with low maintenance requirement and high user friendliness of the hot runner system.

Source: HRSflow