Sokpol installed combi line from Sidel

Sidel the single supplier

The original investment in a Sidel Combi Predis FMa enabled Sokpol to aseptically blow, fill and cap its fruit juices in PET bottles in the same machine for the first time. The following year, Sokpol decided to purchase a second line, doubling its bottling capacity. But this time, the installation was to be distinctly different.

"My recommendation was to use a complete line from a single supplier." explained Roman Sobczyk. "In the beginning we made a small mistake. We ordered the filling line and the blowing part of the equipment from Sidel and the dry part of the equipment from another supplier - and this combination is not always good." The second line was completely supplied by Sidel. "I think that this is the best solution", Said Mr Sobczyk.

Overall efficiency greater than 90%

As a result of this decision, Sokpol now relies heavily on the Sidel Combi Predis FMa features to meet its demanding production schedules.

Because of its greater filler capacity and the flexibility of changing caps, Sokpol is running the newer line with an overall efficiency of greater than 90% - a goal that is achievable thanks to the high performance of the Sidel aseptic filler. This makes a run of 120 hours unbroken production possible, without the need for intermediate sanitation. Another factor that makes it possible is the reduction of the time needed for sterilization, which is completed in less than three hours.

In order to provide the different quantities of juice for consumption by families or individuals, the company is now producing an extensive range of bottle sizes (0.3L, 0.5L, 1.5L and 2L). It also manufactures a variety of capping formats. These include sport caps for isotonic drinks that appeal to the new ‘on-the-go’ generation of health-conscious consumers. With such high-tech solutions at its disposal, Sokpol is able to turn all the technological benefits of Sidel to its own
commercial advantage, by managing the new application and optimizing the entire downstream packing equipment. "At the end of 2011, we had nineteen different lines which included cartons, glass bottles, jars, aseptic and classic PET. Yet the company only started with a single Tetra Pak line," stated Mr Sobczyk.

Working in tandem, both Combi Predis FMa lines are able to fill more than 25,000 bottles per hour between them in the smaller formats holding 0.3L and 0.5L. Sebastian Knapik, Sokpol's Vice President, stated that "The 25,000 bottles an hour translates into more than 150 million small bottles annually."


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