Sokpol installed combi line from Sidel

Reduced footprint makes installation possible

When designing Sokpol's second bottling line, the expertise of Sidel's engineers has been fundamental to its success. The second aseptic line takes up less space than other standard configurations with stand-alone equipment and thanks to this reduced footprint, bottling operations can take place at Sokpol's unique site. In anticipation of its new productivity levels, the company also constructed a 10,000m2 depot for storing filled bottles of fruit juice ready to go to market - having increased its bottling capacity and maintaining a production schedule of 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Compliance with international directives

Although pack design is important and can create and stimulate customer interest, long-term its appeal will never take precedence over the quality, taste and safety of the finished, bottled juice. The primary job of the packaging is to ensure freshness, flavor and retain the product's healthy attributes. Shelf-life is another important consideration. All of Sokpol products are of the highest quality and in line with EU directives. Katarzyna Straszak, Marketing Specialist at Sokpol, confirmed, "The company is constantly making efforts to increase management efficiency and to ensure the safety of its products." To meet these objectives, the company implemented Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), a method that is well aligned with the guidelines supplied with Combi Predis FMa.

After full production of Sokpol’s second aseptic bottling line began, the company was able to evaluate the full importance of Sidel's role in helping the company meet its desired goals of excellent quality and low price.

As Mr Sobczyk put it: "We expect from our supplier, the same high quality service that we, ourselves, offer our customers. It comes down to equipment, reliability, support and the rapid resolution of any problematic situations."
Thanks to Sidel's Combi Predis FMa, Sokpol - a company with vision - continues to strengthen its market position and create an even stronger brand.

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