Sokpol installed combi line from Sidel

Sokpol installed combi line… In opting for a second aseptic production line, Polish fruit juice producer Sokpol decided that the second line would be completely supplied by Sidel. The provider of liquid packaging solutions had already supplied the Combi Predis FMa in Sokpol's first installed aseptic line. Yet barely twelve months later, Sokpol needed further help from Sidel in increasing its processing capabilities and in meeting the demands of changing consumer attitudes in Poland and Europe. In the fruit juices bottling and filling industry, Sokpol has a strong customer base in its native Poland, supplying mainly Eastern Europe as well as Portugal, France, Italy, and the United States. The company has a production facility in Scandinavia and another in Germany, which is the leading consumer of fruit juices in Europe. The installation of a second Combi Predis FMa in anaseptic bottling line in a short space of time has seen Sokpol firmly established as a leading company in Poland's fast-moving, consumer goods (FMCG) market. President of Sokpol, Roman Sobczyk, underlined the thinking behind the decision: “The reason for investing in a second aseptic line was very simple. Our capacity at the time was not enough. If we wanted to implement all of our projects and produce more effectively, for example, without having to change formats so often, we needed another line."

Polish co-packer Sokpol was in need of the full service support of an industrial partner who could help the company achieve its ambitions. Sokpol was determined to create a viable economic entity in the fruit juices, nectars, and soft drinks business. It also wanted to develop in accordance with the expectations of the domestic market and the requirements of the European Union.

Roman Sobczyk started the company in 1992, after the fall of the Iron Curtain, with his wife, Silvia, who was then Vice President. Since then the family-run company has become a growth-oriented enterprise and one of the most innovative co-packers in Poland, supplying large supermarket

Situated in Myszków close to Katowice in Southern Poland, the original Sokpol plant is a refurbished factory. Katowice is the largest city in Upper Silesia in Poland with a population of about 320,000. Its importance as Poland's main industrial centre is indisputable. The city is at the intersection of major road and rail routes connecting Poland to the rest of Europe in all directions, with an international airport in nearby Pyrzowice. Being close to Katowice, with its highly developed infrastructure, enables Sokpol to access the country’s transport networks to make deliveries throughout various regions of the country and Europe.

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