SmartMOLD: Injection mold monitoring system

SmartMOLD: Injection mold…

Mold-Masters SmartMOLD is a cloud-based software platform dedicated to the plastics industry providing real-time data to drive injection molding innovation. Process data is collected from sensors embedded within the injection mold which offers feedback and insights that drive enhanced productivity. Our solution is the first step towards predictive and autonomous capabilities within your facility.

In addition to collecting sensor data, SmartMOLD software offers performance tracking, downtime tracking, scrap tracking, maintenance reminders, alerts, reporting, analytics, mold info, document storage and more.

Although SmartMOLD is focused on the mold, it also has the potential to pull data from injection molding machines. SmartMOLD is compatible with any brand of equipment. Mold-Masters is your most reliable IIoT partner that can offer local support on a global scale. Unlock your operation’s full potential with SmartMOLD.

Powered by the Cloud

Real-time data is accessible 24/7 though our desktop online portal or on our mobile app. A major benefit of cloud-based systems is that they ensure you always have the latest version (no manual updates required) and do not require users to have their own IT team dedicated to support its functionality. SmartMOLD algorithms enables the path to predictive and other powerful capabilities. SmartMOLD offers unlimited data storage.

Data System Integration

Data collected through SmartMOLD is displayed on our intuitive desktop and mobile interfaces. However, users also have the freedom to Pull data into existing ERP/MES systems through API’s. Additionally, data can be exported from the SmartMOLD system in various formats (Exel, csv, xml, net, etc).

Flexible & Economical

Mold-Masters SmartMOLD is compatible with any brand of hot runner/mold. Additionally, users have the option to utilize the SmartMOLD infrastructure to obtain data from their injection machines. Users can connect molds only, injection machines only or connect everything. Users can scale the system to their facility and budget requirements and only pay for what is used.

A Global Solution

Server facilities operating in all major regions offers compliance with local data privacy laws and enhances data response times. SmartMOLD offers global installation and technical support.