Sharp innovation for the future

Sharp innovation for the future

In a unique collaboration, the Swedish manufacturers Morakniv, Alleima, Rondo Plast (Polykemi Group) and TK Pac have come together to develop a knife that is largely made from recycled material. The Morakniv Basic 546 knife will receive a sequel, an alternative for the environmentally conscious craftsman who appreciate Swedish-made quality tools. The new Basic 546 SE was presented at Nordbygg at the Stockholm Fair on April 23.

The idea of realizing a vision to develop a knife that reduces the climate footprint in various parts of the manufacturing process without compromising quality was born last year. Since then, the companies' innovation ability has been driven by a strong desire to create new options for craftsmen.

Part of the result of the collaboration is that Morakniv can now offer the new knife without a polymer sheath. This enables users who already have a matching knife case to replace only the knife itself, providing increased flexibility. Instead, it is protected by a transport cover made from 100% recycled cardboard. The new Basic 546 SE also has a blade made of the Swedish stainless steel Alleima 12C27 with a recycling rate of more than 90% and a handle made of 70% recycled polymer.

The steel producer Alleima, the polymer granulates producer Rondo Plast and the packaging producer TK Pac, just like Morakniv, have production in Sweden, which assures the qualitative level that the all-Swedish product possesses. The manufacturing processes are also partially or entirely powered by green energy, which gives the collaboration another dimension from the sustainability aspect.

“Alleima has supplied high-quality stainless steel from the steel mill in Sandviken to our knife factory for about a century and has gradually increased the degree of recycling in the steel we use. It is exciting that, for the first time, we are starting a deeper collaboration with our suppliers to create a more sustainable alternative. Rondo Plast and TK Pac are two new acquaintances that we are happy to have in the project,” states Mats Östling, Chief Business Development Manager at Morakniv.

Thanks to the collaboration, a durable and high-quality knife for the construction sector with an all-Swedish manufacturing process is now presented. Choosing Swedish-made products means choosing a more sustainable future with consideration for people and the environment in our immediate area.

The new knife from Morakniv is made from mostly recycled materials; plastic from Rondo Plast and steel from Alleima. For those who already have an existing sheath, can now choose a transport cover made of fully recycled cardboard from TK Pac.