STADLER designs and installs state-of-the-art light packaging sorting plant in Eitting, Germany for PreZero Recycling

A complex project delivered on time, on a tight schedule

Thanks to a successful close collaboration of the teams at STADLER and PreZero, the project was completed in a very short time, as Wolfgang Köser explains: “We had a very tight schedule, with just 12 months from signing the contract to start-up with material, but we succeeded with a good and close cooperation between us at STADLER, and the teams at PreZero and the other companies involved in the project. Short decision-making processes and a target-oriented approach enabled us to move forward quickly at every stage.”

Stefan Kaiser, Head of Engineering Sorting Systems International PreZero Recycling Deutschland, is very satisfied with the whole process, and “the open communication, straightforward thinking, focused and time-efficient collaboration, and on-time delivery. I particularly appreciated how STADLER’s team listen to the customer and their proactive thinking of new ideas, acting as partners.”

The start-up of the sorting plant was on schedule in early January 2022, and “the ramp-up phase is running perfectly,” says Stefan Kaiser.

On the path towards a world where resources are not wasted

With the view that any waste that is not recycled is a wasted piece of raw material, PreZero strives for a continuous improvement of its processes, working towards the creation of a world where resources are no longer wasted through closed loops – aiming for 100 percent reusable material. As part of the Schwarz Group, a leading food retail company in Europe, it is able to develop innovative solutions along the entire value chain – from production to retail, collection, sorting and recycling to reuse – in order to close the loop.

The new light packaging plant designed by STADLER is part of PreZero’s strategy to achieve this goal: “For us, this is the first step in the transition from a waste plant to a production plant of industrial standards,” explains Stefan Kaiser.

For STADLER, the project provided a further opportunity to develop innovative solutions to serve the recycling industry with high-quality recyclates, supporting the transition to an efficient circular economy.