Reduction Engineering-Scheer at the Fakuma 2015

Reduction Engineering-Scheer…
The German specialist in the development and manufacturing of strand pelletizing Messrs. Reduction Engineering GmbH in Korntal-Muenchingen, an allied company of the US-American corporate Reduction Engineering / Kent-Ohio, is presenting itself newly all around on this year's Fakuma exhibition in Friedrichshafen. As well as the generation shift in the company management and reorganization of the sales structure, the product pipeline is filled with a number of new products which will be presented in hall 6 / stand 6212.

Technology offensive in cantilevered Strand-Pelletizers

With the acquisition of the pelletizing division of C.F. Scheer, who started development and manufacturing of strand- pelletizers in the early 1970s, Reduction Engineering is pursuing the knowledge-base of one of the market leaders in this market segment of plastic processing.

The cantilevered strand pelletizers (SGS Type-E) had been introduced to the market in 1983 making C.F. Scheer not only the pioneer and inventor of this type, but also the provider of the most comprehensive product portfolio featuring that special design in five sizes with working widths ranging from 25 to max. 300 mm. The latest evolution level SGS-E6 is now available with working widths of 100, 200 and 300 mm. With its improved cutting geometry the SGS-E6-series minimizes the unguided length of the strands between the feed-rolls and the cutting edge and extends the processing range especially when processing very soft and/or elastic materials. The SGS-E6 is capable of strand speeds up to 120 m/min (with and without adjustment of the pellet length), increasing the overall performance of the pelletizers. Numerous improvements around the cutting tools improve access and maintenance when changing product and reduces unproductive downtime. For easier operation, especially when using one pelletizer on multiple production lines with different spatial requirements, the SGS-E6 pelletizers are now equipped with a detachable control panel as an option. This allows setting and changing of process parameters from different positions around the machine. Along with this the safety concept of the pelletizer was completely re-engineered and offers a higher standard mechanically and electrically. Especially for the Fakuma 2015 Reduction Engineering is launching a special edition of the exhibited pelletizer SGS 100-E6 (max. 20 strands respectively 550 kg/h).