Reduction Engineering-Scheer at the Fakuma 2015

45 years production-proven double-side supported strand-pelletizers further improved

Double-side supported strand pelletizers of the SGS-L series ranging from 200 to 1.000 mm working width are offered since 45 years. Hundreds of these machines have been built and are in operation worldwide. With its very robust design they are mostly used in larger scale applications. Following the demand of processing small and medium lot sizes with high variety of different polymers and formulations Reduction Engineering has developed a new machine series with working widths from 100 to 400 mm and throughput ranges up to 4,0 t/h, the SGS-L10 series. A completely re-designed strand-path is results in high production efficiency and offers easy and ergonomic access for cleaning and maintenance. All components inside the cutting chamber can be quickly disassembled – the majority without special tools. The new cutting geometry is shared with the SGS-E series which results in an almost rectangular cut to the centre line of the strand and considerably reduces the amount of fines when cutting brittle materials. Besides the improved productivity and user-friendliness the new design concept reduces noise emissions compared to the SGS-L series. On the Fakuma a SGS 200-L10 (max. 40 strands respectively 1.800 kg/h) will represent this type of pelletizer.

Innovative cutting rotors lower production cost

A further topic will be the cutting rotor technology, specifically the combination of functional reliability, cutting quality and service-friendliness. This is achieved by a patented mounting system of tungsten carbide cutting strips to the rotor body, the so called SLYder technology. This system does not require any screws, clamps or soldered joints. The connection is established by using copper rods which are pressed into the knife-body together with the cutting strips. Due to the high pressure the copper will flow into linear grooves situated in the knife body and the cutting strips and create a form-locking connection. As tight and secure the connection during operation as simple is the dismounting in case of replacement which is done by sliding out the respective strips sideways on a special press. This service-friendly technology is available in 100 mm wide modular segments and will be prominently presented on the exhibition stand. It offers longer overall lifetime with lower operating cost.

Strand dewatering with increased performance

Along with the pelletizers, other components have been adapted to differing throughput ranges and applications, on particular the dewatering units for strands after the cooling bath. Stronger blower motors with integrated frequency inverters enable higher dewatering performance and better adjustment to the respective product and/or throughput respectively number of strands. A WA 100 unit for up to 20 strands will represent these improvements on the exhibition stand.

New in the product portfolio: leading pulverizing technology

In 2014 RE-Scheer / Germany expanded its product portfolio and is now offering sales and service for pulverizers, manufactured in Reduction Engineering's US-headquarter in Kent/OH, throughout Europe. This also includes the installation of demo machine for trials with customer materials in Korntal-Muenchingen. A lab size pulverizer, type RE 25AC, is representing this product group on this year's Fakuma.