Portfolio expansion for Kosme’s stretch-blow-moulder

Portfolio expansion for Kosme’s…

Hitherto, Kosme’s stretch blow-moulding machines consisted of four, six, seven or eight cavities. Kosme is now expanding its portfolio to include two new systems for the small output range: the rotary machines KSB 3R Compact and 4R Compact. The latter will in the medium term replace the KSB 4R from the standard series.

The two new stretch blow-moulding machines from the Compact Class produce different container sizes between 0.15 and 3.0 litres with a neck finish diameter of up to 38 millimetres.


With the new KSB 3R, beverage producers can save up to 35 % air and five % energy and reach with three cavities o machine the same performance as a linear machine with four cavities.

This is where one advantage shows up, one that can be mathematically quantified: at a beverage company producing 1.0-litre containers, the KSB 3R Compact processes 6,600 of these per hour, i.e. 2,200 per station. By way of comparison: if a corresponding linear machine were to be used, a four-cavity system would have to be chosen in order to achieve the same output. This means the system features one blow-moulding station less, which is of course reflected in reduced energy and air consumption. Overall, each of the latest-generation Kosme rotary machines consumes relatively small amounts of compressed air since they all feature the Air Wizard Plus compressed-air recovery system. The infrared linear oven, too, scores highly when it comes to energy efficiency: its persuasively attractive pluses include a flexible heating zone adjustment feature and a small heating compartment providing individualised adjustment options, thus enabling around 35 per cent of air and five per cent of energy to be saved.

True to the motto of ''Less is more'', this Kosme family is impressive proof of how savings in material, media and space requirement can be successfully married to enhanced performance.

Source: Kosme