Polyplastic offers an innovative self-engineered antistatic electro dispersive compound

Polyplastic offers an innovative…

R&P Polyplastic is the first Russian company to develop and implement into production an antistatic electro dispersive compound under the Armlen PP-10AS-9010 brand name. Compared to traditional foreign-made alternatives our compound does not contain migrating antistatic fillers and provides constant level of skin resistance. 

In view of the Ruble exchange rate volatility, export shipments of antistatic materials bear certain risks for consumers. Now, with availability of high quality Russian materials national plastics processors may be confident in stability of supplies. 

One of the main areas of application of Armlen PP-10AS-9010 is production of plastic packaging, trays for components and microchips, small size and big size containers, transportation and storage systems as well as pallets. Moreover, this material may be used in auto industry, aircraft engineering, electrotechnics and shipbuilding. 

Electrophysical properties of the material are achieved by using special conductive carbon black. In addition to low level of electric resistance, the new material has an excellent balance of mechanical properties.    

If you are interested in purchasing Armlen PP-10AS-9010 managers of Trade House “Polyplastic” and our European distributors will be happy to provide any assistance on adapting the material for your personal requirements and offer you the best prices.

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