Polykemi leads the way for recycled plastic compounds

Polykemi leads the way for…

Over recent years, a change has come regarding the usage of recycled plastic compounds within the industry. Polykemi now supports this process further by hosting a tour of in-house workshops at subcontractors and end customer across Europe. 

Plastic compounds based on recycled raw materials has been used for a long time within the automotive, el/electronics and building industries, but also in other sectors. During recent years, the interest to use recycled raw materials has increased further. 

- There is a strong tailwind to use quality assured recycled plastic materials in technical parts within the industries. The doubts about the performance of recycled materials, sometimes expressed, is less and nowadays the focus of the discussions is more around where and in what applications recycled plastics can be used optimally, informs Mr. Mattias Persson, Sales manager at Polykemi AB. 

To support this process of change to an increased usage of high quality recycled materials, a team from Polykemi and Rondo Plast started a tour late last year to inform end customers and injection moulders within the plastics industry. During 2019, the tour has continued and due to substantial interest, it will go on even into next year. By using examples of products from successful projects, the goal of the workshops is to open up a direct discussion around the usage of high quality compounds based on recycled raw materials.

The approach is that Polykemi and Rondo Plast informs about not only the benefits and possibilities, but also the limitations of recycled plastic materials. The idea is give knowledge, clarify possible misunderstandings and to eliminate any remaining doubts. 

- We want to show that high quality recycled compounds can indeed be fully comparable to high quality virgin prime material means Mr. Mattias Persson. With correct choices of raw materials, it can be quite possible to use recycled plastics, not only for non-visible parts but also in more challenging and complex visible applications, even with demands of good surfaces. 

Initially the focus of the tour was towards the German automotive industry, but the tour has already expanded into other countries and industries.

A long experience of recycled plastic materials

Polykemi in cooperation with the subsidiary Rondo Plast has been successfully involved in recycling of plastics since the beginning of the 1980s. The companies supplies the European plastics industry with high quality plastic compounds based on recycled raw materials with -or without reinforcements and additive packages. 



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