Polykemi Group increases the efforts in China

Polykemi Group increases the…

Polykemi Compounds in Kunshan, China has recently finished their third factory building. This gives the company the possibility to install at least five additional extruding lines, that would increase the production capacity by more than 10 000 tonnes per year.

After several strong years, the success of Polykemi Group continues, which in addition to Polykemi Compounds in Kunshan includes the companies Polykemi AB, Rondo Plast AB and Scanfill AB with head offices in Ystad, Sweden and also Polykemi Inc in the US. During the recent four years, the company has had a very strong volume growth of more than 5000 tonnes of customer adapted plastic compounds per year. Despite the currently strained world situation due to the ongoing pandemic, the company continues the strive towards the future.

During 2020, the third factory building in Kunshan, China has been finalized.

This expansion is a part of our long term efforts to meet the increased demand we have had over the last four years, says Mr Magnus Lindahl, CEO of Polykemi Compounds in Kunshan, China.

Shortening the distance between Europe and China

– One of our major advantages is our extensive color nuance library. We have more than 16 000 different color nuances, enabling us to deliver same quality and color both in Europe and in Asia. This leads to a close cooperation with the customers on both continents, explains Mr Lindahl.

– We can deliver identical materials to the industry both in Europe and Asia, but we do not need to ship it overseas to guarantee quality and color nuance. We deliver straight from our factory in Kunshan, saving both time, money as well as the environment.

The third factory ship allows the company to install at least five new production lines, which would increase the possible annual production by at least another 10.000 tonnes per year.

– We do have a very close cooperation between the factories in Ystad and in Kunshan, we work according to the same structure, with the same materials and our equipment is of the same quality, says Mr Lindahl. – Our technical staff, and the colleagues responsible for maintenance, work in the same way and towards the same goals. We strive for a high sustainability in our factories on both continents. The success shows that we are indeed on the right track. 

Customer adapted plastics for more than 50 years

Polykemi AB with its main office in Ystad, Sweden has since established 1968 been successful in developing and producing high quality customer adapted plastic compounds, based on both virgin plastic raw materials and high quality recycled plastic raw materials. 2008 the subsidiary Polykemi Compounds in Kunshan inaugurated the initial office and factory building in the Jiansu-province. Today materials are produced for Polykemi, but also for Polykemi AB:s subsidiaries Scanfill AB and Rondo Plast AB. 


Developing brand new project-specific materials in cooperation with our customers