Plantech-CST, the first turn-key recycling plant of 2024

Plantech-CST, the first turn-key…

The recycling market, which is aimed at the recovery of plastic materials to limit the amount of waste, is expanding more and more and Plantech-CST is establishing itself in this market by becoming a leader in it, thanks to its completed and still ongoing projects.

Plantech-CST has always distinguished itself by providing turn-key solutions for storage, conveying and dosing of plastics and regrind materials globally and now keeps up with the times and the needs of the planet, by providing recycling plants. This year, its first turn-key installation has taken place in Northern France for a world-leading recycling customer. Plantech-CST has designed, built, installed and tested a turn-key plant with extreme success!


After a careful and targeted engineering analysis, Plantech-CST has built for its customer a Recycling Plant for the Transfer and Dedusting of post-consumer plastics regrind (PP and PE), from mill to storage silo. This plant guarantees a high-quality raw material, free of dust residues or other contaminants and is ready to be delivered to the end user through direct truck loading, or into big-bags, thus minimizing waste and production waste.


Minimizing the consumption of energy and raw materials is a key point guiding Syncro Group's R&D division, which is increasingly committed to achieving the "Zero Waste Mission". All Syncro Group companies work together through a unique synergy and with the aim of closing the circle of the Circular Economy.

Syncro Group is a leading supplier of automation for extrusion, quality control systems, material handling and storage, defect measurement, recycling lines, laboratory and pilot lines through the expertise of the companies Syncro, Plasmac, Plantech-CST, Acelabs, Eur.Ex.Ma. and SB Dry.

The Syncro Group has 9 production plants as well as subsidiaries in the USA, Brazil, China, Japan and India.