Perstorp investing in the plastic materials market

Charmor for intumescent systems in plastics - this halogen free product is a rich carbon source for phosphorous/nitrogen based systems and significantly reduces the release of smoke and heat in the event of a fire. Charmor also comes in a variant - Charmor PM40 Care - with a sharpened sustainability profile. Charmor is already a tried and tested solution for intumescent coatings, but is now also available for injection molding and plastic extrusions.

Pevalen - non-phthalate plasticizer for sensitive applications. This new plasticizer is one of the results of Perstorp's major investments in plasticizers in Sweden. It is perfect for close contact PVC applications, such as flooring, coated fabrics, plastisols, toys and molded parts. It also represents a complement and broadening of Perstorp's plasticizer offer alongside Emoltene 100, which is primarily used for PVC cables and outdoors products.

Akestra - a new thermoplastic material. As a result of a strategic partnership with Mitsubishi Gas Chemical, Perstorp is launching a new co-polyester alternative in Europe called Akestra. This new generation of plastics with its unique properties makes it an important alternative to polycarbonate, polystyrene and glass. This co-polyester contains a special glycol, which creates superior glass-like transparency, heat resistant and amorphous properties. The heat resistance, for example, is 34% better when compared to traditional PET.

"All these four exciting products address safety and sustainability to society today without compromising performance. The major investments we have made over the past 3 years are really bearing fruits now, with significant new products already in the pipeline to continue our strategy of serving the dynamic plastics market with new solutions", Håkan Björnberg summarizes.

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