PaintExpo 2008 closer and closer

In addition to unbeatable atomization quality, the spray guns are distinguished by a spray head which can be removed in a matter of seconds, as well as separate air intakes for horn air, atomizer air and control air. A large selection of TransTech, HVLP and conventional air caps make them the ideal spray gun for robot applications, rotating machines, lifting devices and other automated equipment.

There`s news in the field of painting robots as well, for example the compact IRB 52 painting robot which has been developed by ABB for the automation of painting applications in tight spaces. Thanks to its minimal dimensions, its ability to lean backwards, a range of 1.45 metres and a load capacity of 7 kg, its ideally suited for commercial as well as industrial applications in the field of machinery and equipment manufacturing - even for small lot quantities - for suppliers to large industrial concerns, for mass produced household appliances and for practically all automatable painting.

Where drying is concerned, Heraeus Noblelight will present, amongst other products, an infrared oven by means of which, for example, paints on plastic keypads for automobiles and for operating electronic devices, as well as computers and household appliances can be dried and cured. It completes this task in 20 percent less time than hot-air ovens. The infrared oven consists of two modules with 3 kW of heating power each, and is equipped with medium-wave radiators. Beyond this, the infrared system consumes very little energy because, as opposed to hot-air ovens, it only needs to be switched on when heat is actually required. Energy can also be saved by using modulating burners for the generation of process heat for drying off surface moisture and for drying paints, which will be exhibited at Afotek`s booth.

Burner power is laid out according to maximum heat requirements and can be set to a modulation ratio of greater than 1:6 between a minimum and a maximum value in a continuously variable fashion. This is accomplished automatically by means of an adjustable fuel-air intake, which varies the output power of the modulating burners.

The international trade fair covers the entire spectrum of industrial coatings technology: systems and application technology, drying, automation and conveyor technology, paints, paint stripping, cleaning and pre-treatment, air supply, exhaust air and water treatment, disposal, measuring and test technology, quality assurance, accessories, job-shop coating, services, training and R&D.

PaintExpo will take place at the Karlsruhe Exhibition Centre from 11 through 14 March 2008, and will be open Tuesday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.