Optimization of reusable packaging management process

The remedy for the above problems is the service offer of Elkom Trade SA. including the following services:

  • replacement of PP type filling plates
  • repair of structural damage - straightening walls, welding elements design
  • galvanic coating renovation (re-galvanizing)
  • washing containers using an automatic washing line.

Automatic container washing is an innovative device resulting from over two years of work on the project. The device thoroughly removes dirt from the surface of the container. Existing container washers are not so precise in removing dirt and operate on the principle of a scrubber. The high quality of the service offered by Elkom Trade results from the modern technology of the container washing process. This technology includes not only running the process using devices containing innovative solutions for the distribution of liquids, but also based on properly modified, ecological cleaning agents.

4. RFID identification as an element of fleet flow control.

Logistics solutions offered by Elkom Trade SA can be equipped with an RFID system. Radio identification allows to avoid problems with the ineffective use of packaging.

Elkom Trade S.A. as an expert in the field of developing optimal logistics solutions and focuses on the implementation of comprehensive secondary packaging management in the customer's warehouse.

For indirect purposes of this action, we can include:

1. Development of an optimal logistic carrier corresponding to the customer's needs.
2. Optimization of costs (purchase of the fleet and its service).
3. Improving the circulation of secondary packaging between the customer and supply chain integrators.
4. Optimal use of available storage and loading space.
5. Implementation of maintenance services to extend the lifetime of the fleet purchased by the customer.

The packaging management process consists of the following steps:

1. Development of the optimal carrier concept and its testing.
2. Production.
3. Delivery to a direct customer (customer A) and / or delivery to the customer “B” – customer of an “A” customer.
4. Service.
5. Utilization of the carrier.

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