Optimization of reusable packaging management process

Optimization of reusable packaging… Management of secondary packaging fleet carries a number of problematic issues related to financing, service and economics, in particular:

1. Problems of economics and fleet management:

a) obtaining funds for investment in packaging

Rotating packaging is a long-lasting, "long-lived" product made of the best materials. Its immanent feature is cost-consuming at the stage of purchasing the fleet. However, the costs of its purchase are optimized as a result of the nearly 10-year use of rotating packaging.

b) the necessity of learning the work culture with new packaging, including training costs

Each new solution brings with it the challenge of getting to know the specifics of working with it. Not immediately, the positive effects are noticeable. In addition to the financial commitment you have to take into account the time-consuming process of learning how to work with the packaging.

c) costs of maintenance - storage, service and maintenance (human resources involvement, IT system)

In order for the reusable secondary packaging to be used for the longest period of time, it is necessary to constantly take care of its condition: store in a suitable place, service (remove dirt, repair, eliminate protective coating losses) and deal with it properly, avoiding damage resulting from improper handling .

d) control and efficient management of media rotation

This is an indispensable element to master the process. It requires a large commitment of the company's resources: capital, labor and technology.

e) quick response to the increased demand of the market in the season

Seasonal peaks are always problematic for the organization. These fluctuations and their variable level make it impossible or very difficult to estimate the level of demand for logistic carriers. These difficulties directly translate into the ability of the company to meet the needs of recipients.

f) low durability and strength of some types of packaging

A simple example is the “oktabin” type carton packaging. The durability of wire containers leaves behind products from cardboard. Octabins are destroyed much faster than mesh containers.

g) high per-balance costs of cardboard packaging

Although the one-off cost of purchasing cardboard packaging is significantly lower than the purchase of a fleet of mesh containers, in the long run the capital involved in the purchase of durable media is an investment in fixed assets, and the purchase of cardboard packaging is an expense. Summing up the costs over a period of 10 years, that is, the service life of the mesh container, the calculation is more advantageous for a reusable packaging.

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