New rejoin PCR masterbatch makes 100% PCR a reality for polyolefin packaging

New rejoin PCR masterbatch…

 Avient today announced the launch of Rejoin PCR Masterbatch for polyolefin packaging applications. Made with post-consumer recycled (PCR) polyolefin as a carrier resin, Rejoin PCR Masterbatch can enable a bottle or part to be manufactured from 100 percent PCR. 

Until now, masterbatch has generally been made using virgin material as a carrier resin. This means that at typical let-down ratios, the finished product would contain 3 to 5 percent non-recycled plastic. With major consumer goods companies actively defining sustainability goals of 100 percent PCR polyolefin packaging, Avient has responded by developing Rejoin PCR Masterbatch in customizable colors and special effects.

“We understand that many consider the use of colorants and additives that rely on virgin resin carriers to nullify the claim of 100 percent PCR, so we worked to develop a solution that could help our customers deliver fully on their sustainability commitments,” said Bob Lee, marketing director, Color & Additives Asia at Avient. “This leading-edge product answers a growing industry need and demand.” 

Rejoin PCR Masterbatch combines pigments and functional additives into a single solution without negatively affecting color or mechanical properties. It can be added during production using standard equipment with little to no impact on processing, and allows for full recyclability of the end product.

Rejoin PCR Masterbatch is commercially available in major global markets.