Netstal at NPE 2018: American premiere of the ELIOS series

Maximum precision and efficiency in the cleanroom

The manufacture of mass medical consumer goods, such as petri dishes, blood vials, medical beakers or pipette tips, is also becoming increasingly important in the USA. "These are classic Netstal applications because, in addition to high precision and cleanliness, maximum output and maximum availability are important. Our system solutions impress with outstanding quality and low unit costs," said Membrino. At the NPE, Netstal will demonstrate its expertise in medical engineering applications with a fully electric ELION 2800-870 in the cleanroom version. With a 128-cavity mold from Tanner, more than 82,000 pipette tips are injected at a cycle time of 5.6 seconds per hour. The shot weight is 33.28 grams. The automation system with cavity separation comes from Zubler Handling. "Even without the MED kit, the ELION is one of the cleanest machines on the market as a result of the completely closed circulatory lubrication of the electrical clamping unit. With numerous options from our MED kit, they can also be flexibly equipped for the cleanroom. Up to ISO class 5 is possible, depending on the equipment package," said Membrino. With elements such as the patented Netstal "Clean Purge" nozzle extractor hood, a laminar flow hood, galvanically sealed mold plates, additional cover plates and closed drag chains, the particle output is effectively reduced. The special medical painting and the raising of the machine simplify the regular cleaning process. Flexible equipment options mean that ELION can be individually adapted to the application. "The ELION from Netstal offers the ideal injection molding machine for applications in the medical sector with fast cycles and correspondingly high annual output," said Membrino.

Two additional packaging applications on partner booths

In addition to the exhibits on the KraussMaffei Group booth, two other Netstal applications will be on display at partner booths. At the joint booth of Switzerland Global Enterprise (Booth S35159) the production of IML-decorated coffee capsules made of biodegradable PLA will be presented on an all-electric ELION 1200-250. A hybrid ELION 3200-2000 is used at CBW Automation (Booth W943). In the production cell, rectangular IML containers are produced with four cavities in a cycle time of 3.9 seconds.


The ELION with MED-Kit offers all-electric high performance and absolute precision in the clean room

Netstal part of the newly established Bottle Zone

For the first time, Netstal will be represented with an additional booth in the newly installed Bottle Zone. "With the current PET-LINE generation of PET systems and the hybrid ELION series, Netstal offers the complete solution package for cost-effective production of PET preforms and beverage bottle caps," said Membrino. In addition to standard preforms for carbonated soft drinks, Netstal's portfolio includes PRELACTIA, an efficient packaging solution with integrated light barrier for filling liquid dairy products. Filling milk into PET offers a number of economic, ecological and aesthetic advantages and is therefore gaining in importance around the world. The design freedom in bottle design, the long shelf life of up to 6 months for UHT milk, the lower consumption of resources and the lower material costs are lasting arguments. PRELACTIA has been successfully in use in South America and Europe for several years. There is enormous interest in the technology in Asia. "In contrast to the co-injection process of other manufacturers, we see decisive advantages with our overmolding solution. We can precisely define the two layers, and thus the barrier effect. In addition, a PRELACTIA bottle always consists of pure PET, which considerably simplifies the recycling of the empty bottles," concluded Membrino.

Source: Netstal