Movacolor introduces new features in unique dosing software

Movacolor introduces new features…

This week, Movacolor launches a new version of its leading software for dosing plastic additives. "Although we were already able to fulfill many customer requests with the previous software version, we challenged ourselves, being the leader in dosing technology, to go even further." According to Gerhard Dersjant, Managing Director of Movacolor.

The new software includes extra clever features such as: sensor neck integration, fast calibration options and a single shot test button for taking verification samples. It is also now possible to contact the support staff from Movacolor directly via remote control.

"We would normally travel a lot to customers to help with installation or to provide support. But this is no option during the COVID-19 pandemic. This can sometimes be challenging, but it has also made us more aware that traveling is not always necessary. On top of that, we are also reducing our impact on the environment. We therefore have made it our mission to serve our partners as best we can remotely. This new software allows us to help by temporarily taking over control of a machine that is thousands of kilometers away. It is truly remarkable when you stop and think about it."


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