Moretto at Plast 2023

The human at the centre

Following the signals of the market, Moretto, leader in the research and development of new technologies for plastic processing, has oriented its business model, investing in the Human-Machine relationship, one of the most important levers to be always competitive and innovative. This has allowed the Veneto-based company to consider the centrality of man within its reality for the transition towards the so-called 'Industry 5.0'. With the previous model of 'Industry 4.0', the focus was on digitalization and the interconnection of systems, while now the focus is on the development of technologies that simplify the interaction between human and machine. Humans improve their skills and the effectiveness of their actions by technology, reducing the repetitiveness of operations and improving the user experience. The human being maintains an essential role in planning, organizing and managing production activities with the support of automated machinery and state-of-the-art robots. The full integration of human talent and technology enables the company to produce innovative, state-of-the-art products that meet customers' needs in terms of quality and reliability.

The OMS&P ethical trademark, symbol of Moretto's technologically advanced solutions.

The central role of human is at the base of Moretto's philosophy, which for years has endowed its most technologically advanced products with the ethical OMS&P trademark, whose symbol is represented by Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian man, an expression of the values of creativity and genius that also characterize the activity of the Massanzago-based company. These values guided Moretto towards the development of an offer that enhances the creativity and intelligence of human capital, which has always been the driving force behind the company's innovation and success.

The digitalization that improves the after-sales service

In addition to the central role of man, the digitalization of processes and services is another cornerstone of Moretto's business strategy. The continuous evolutions of the modern world, combined with the need to provide customers with a quick response, have accelerated the need to possess digital tools to further improve the service. The after-sales service is a real commitment to customers for Moretto and this is why the company guarantees it worldwide, through trained technicians and specialists. A high level of service is also guaranteed by the use of automated warehouses, management software and online platforms that allow a real-time resolution of ongoing issues.
The digitalization process started by Moretto is bringing enormous benefits to the after-sales service.

Part of the process of digital evolution and service improvement is QR Code project, which aims to provide customers with some useful information by supporting them from the very first stages of their purchase. Its functioning is simple and intuitive: using the mobile phone and framing the QR Code on the machine, the user can access a series of services with high added value, such as useful information on the machine, tutorial videos, the list of recommended spare parts and much more.

Sustainability as a strategic driver of development

The adoption of a production approach based on circular economy principles has steered the activities of the Moretto group over the years. Sustainability and energy saving are an established part of the company philosophy and are developed through technologies that take into account the needs of customers, but also the environment and the community in which we live.
The themes of sustainability and respect for the environment have always been two distinctive elements that characterize Moretto's modus operandi.

With the aim of reduce its environmental impact, the company has chosen to use only energy from renewable sources in its plants, as evidenced by its participation in Dolomiti Energia's '100% clean energy' project.

The growing interest around these issues has led Governments and Institutions around the world to rethink the use of plastics, promoting practices and regulations that allow their reuse within a new production process. The plastics sector is making important steps forward on this issue, and Moretto also makes its contribution every day by trying to provide solutions that reduce the use of raw materials from exhaustible resources. The development of equipments suitable for recycling is not only a duty for plastics processors, but also a necessity for customers who demand solutions suitable for both virgin materials and those with high percentages of recycled material.