Moretto at NPE 2018

The highly innovative, Moretto Moisture Meter Manager effectively closes the loop on resin drying by in-line measurement of each granule’s residual moisture and applying this data to the adaptive drying system.

This on-going, closed loop system is integrated and monitored by Moretto’s Smart Factory 4.0 software. Ever-responsive, the system essentially provides “drying on demand”, based on the real drying needs of the polymer at any given time.

Managing drying functions in direct response to environmental variables that typically interrupt predictable polymer moisture levels, the Moretto drying system can guarantee production certification and maximum energy efficiency.

The entire Eureka Plus drying system integrates seamlessly with Moretto’s Smart Factory 4.0 software, where data to and from connected devices is constantly exchanged to push all functions to the highest possible level of efficiency.

The brain and human interface with Smart Factory 4.0 is Moretto’s Mowis and all the technologies of Eureka Plus are integrated via this revolutionary supervision system. Self-configurable, with intuitive object programming, MOWIS unifies all machines in the plant, allowing integrated process control, monitoring and management from anywhere… on-site or remote.


OTX (Original Thermal Exchanger) hoppers, have completely changed the concept of drying hoppers for savvy processors. Moretto’s sophisticated and extensive thermodynamic simulations have resulted in a revolutionary hopper geometry, giving OTX hoppers the ability to evenly dry pellets and regrind to low, uniform humidity levels, faster than traditional hoppers. Available for small and medium-sized productions, distinctive OTX hoppers are equipped with a Spyro stainless steel exterior, providing high performance insulation against heat loss and making them resistant to mechanical damage, typical of other hoppers. In addition to being an important part of Eureka Plus drying systems, OTX hoppers can be coupled with X-Comb mini-dryers, for versatile, compact, robust drying systems, all offering Moretto X-Technology for drying and highly-adaptable, variable drying capacity.

Moretto also excels in resin conveying technology, and at NPE 2018, will display:
  • One Wire3, a versatile, easily installed control system for centralized management of resin conveying systems,
  • Kasko, a range of resin hopper loaders and receivers,
  • Dolphin, a pneumatically-operated manifold for sophisticated routing of resin flow from multiple sources to multiple destinations,
  • Kruise Kontrol automatic speed control created for overcoming the limits of traditional conveying systems by preventing the formation of angel hair, dust and abrasion in conveying tubing, and
  • Loader F24, a high capacity, self-contained hopper loader.
Being introduced at NPE 2018, and designed specifically for US custom processors, Moretto will be introducing the Loader F24, a stainless-steel, high capacity, self-contained hopper loader that operates on common, single phase power. Large quantities of resin can now be transferred automatically as required, without the use of a central vacuum system.