Milliken’s ColorDirection 2022 brings Emerging Confidence to fragile optimism

Milliken’s ColorDirection…

In 2022 care and respect are high on the agenda as we step out with a brighter attitude and deeper optimism for global change. As the world recovers from a fragile time of vulnerability people have an Emerging Confidence that positive choices can make a difference in our daily lives, with care and respect high on the agenda.

Milliken’s ColorDirection 2022 Emerging Confidence offers brands a way to reflect these values, and society’s newfound optimism, channeling positive consumer choice with the hopeful imagery of bright and optimistic colors in product packaging.

Welcoming Sunshine is a fresh yellow that gives a bright optimism to your product range and a new feel to your brand. It brings the positive warmth of mornings and the energy of light to your portfolio, laying out the potential for new consumer joy.

Soothing Heat is a strong, warm orange that directs attention to any product. Evoking the flame of a log fire or the nostalgic crispness of bright autumn leaves, Soothing Heat reassures, prepares and energizes.

Blossoming Joy is a color that evokes the happiness of freshly-cut flowers brought indoors from a summer garden, imagining exciting new possibilities of passion and growth. It is urgent and active, reminding our eyes to smile and look forward.

Radiating Richness will add a sense of comfort and depth to your color range for positive products. It is a balanced color that is less about luxury and more about self-care, inclusion and optimism for consumers looking for meaning.

Freshening Shoots is a bright, vibrant green symbolizing new growth and nature combined. Few colors suggest life better than this, saying it is time to start over in an ecological, sustainable and thoughtful way.

Connecting Lives is a color that brings tranquility, trust and peace to front and center. It reminds us that we all share our skies and waters and the feelings they evoke are universal. It’s a strong blue of togetherness, breath and clarity that signals freshness and positive action.

With brands looking ahead to refresh their image and portfolio to meet the growing need for positive choices, Milliken’s ColorDirection 2022 Emerging Confidence range of globally leading colorants will give your products the eye-catching confidence to sway consumers as they look for companies to believe in.

Milliken’s portfolio includes:

  • Liquitint customized colorants that combine dynamic colors with excellent processability for multiple applications including home and laundry care. Among the many reasons top manufacturers opt for Milliken’s Liquitint polymeric colorants are: solubility, compatibility, versatility and stability. These water-soluble and non-staining colorants are compatible with the most challenging active ingredients, including additives and higher perfume levels;
  • Liquitint Agro, advanced colorants for fertilizer. This range of non-staining liquid colorants provides a broad spectrum of color options with low inventory requirements and easy blending, thus reducing waste and increasing saving potential for your operations;
  • ClearTint color concentrates for NX UltraClear polypropylene (PP) add vivid, transparent color and are compliant with safety requirements for food packaging;
  • Reactint polymeric colorants for polyurethane (PU) add appealing color to products without affecting the physical properties of the material;
  • Milliken’s KeyPlast line offers a spectrum of bright, high performance colorants for a multitude of polymer and resin systems. These include ABS, PET in transparent, food-contact applications, as well as other transparent amorphous polymers such as polystyrene (PS), polycarbonate (PC) and acrylic (PMMA);
  • KeyPlast Resist is a spectrum of bright, high performance colorants, specially designed for coloring engineering polymers such as polyamides (PA), polybutylene terephthalates (PBT), polypthalamides (PPA), polysulfones (PSU), and other high-heat glass filled and flame retardant resins and alloys. These colorants offer improved weather resistance and light fastness, are high purity and perform well in the high-temperature processing and application conditions typically associated with high-performance polymers.

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