Milliken puts lightweight and sustainability in the spotlight

Milliken puts lightweight…
Milliken will present its innovative high performance reinforcing agent, Hyperform HPR-803i and its Hyperform HPN nucleating additives for polyolefins at the VDI's Plastics in automotive engineering conference 2014 in Mannheim, Germany. New application examples will highlight the weight-reduction benefits at Booth 19.

Hyperform HPR-803i reinforcing fibers for a more sustainable automotive industry
Milliken's synthetic reinforcing agent Hyperform HPR-803i allows automotive designers to create parts that are up to 15% lighter without compromising performance. Hyperform HPR-803i is added at a lower addition rate than mineral fillers to polypropylene compounds, so the compounds have a lower density. Used alone or with talc, it helps automakers meet weight reduction targets and produce cars with reduced fuel consumption and lower vehicle emission.

Hyperform HPR-803i compounds are suitable for injection molding operations originally designed for talc-filled compounds, simplifying testing requirements and reducing implementation costs. PP compounds reinforced with HPR-803i maintain their mechanical properties even after multiple recycling and compounding operations. Part surface appearance can also be improved, and HPR-803i lets processors reduce pigment usage while still meeting color requirements. Scratch appearance is improved, which can allow for further formulation optimization.

The lightweight and aesthetic benefits of HPR803i will be demonstrated with an example of innovative exterior door-trim for a Cross-Over vehicle at Booth 19. The manufacturer achieved a density reduction of 8% for the part through the replacement of 20% talc with a combination of 8% talc and 3.5% HPR803i.

Hyperform HPR-803i-based compounds are available from the following European and North American compounders: Addiplast; Albis; Inno-Comp; Luxus Compounds; Noble Polymers; Ravago; Silon; Sumika Europe; Washington Penn Plastics.

The lightweight and aesthetic benefits of HPR803i can be demonstrated with an example of innovative exterior door-trim for a Cross-Over vehicle.


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