Medical grades from stock

Medical grades from stock
With the new MG product line, Röchling, one of the worldwide leading producers of semi-finished high performance plastics, offers products for the very demanding market of the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

All MG-Grades have been especially developed and tested for this kind of application. Tests according to USP VI and ISO 10993-5 on the semi-finished product guarantee biocompatibility, which is one of the key requirements.

100% traceability back to the ingredients of the resin as much self evident as an availability of several materials, dimensions and colours. The different colours are mainly used to be easily able to divide between different sizes in different applications. Standard materials from stock are Sustarin C MG, Sustason PPSU MG, SustaPEEK MG and the youngest product in the family- Polystone P MG.

The material based on a Polypropylene was modified and stabilized for being able to withstand 500 cycles of hot steam sterilisation. This possibility in combination with the outstanding chemical resistance as well as the low density and the bright colours available make Polystone P Mg the perfect material for sizing trials and instrument handles.

Just one example of an application, where parts were machined out of Röchling MG materials:

The possibilities of modern machining are shown with the example of a breast biopsy unit for cancer diagnostics.
Employees of the Röchling Group gave technical support during development and machining.

The function of such a unit is immobilizing of a womans breast for being able to take a tissue sample for cancer diagnostics.

Only like this the biopsy needle, which is used to take the tissue, can be guides as exact as needed.

The right position of the needle as well as the best way is shown through pictures of a MRT-machine.

Such a biopsy unit was developed by Noras MRI products GmbH from Würzburg in Germany- a company which offers auxiliary equipment for considerable MRT-producers like Philips, Siemens or GE Healthcare.

To be able to realize this project there were some key requirements needed to be beared in mind.

The unit had to be made out of a material, which can be used in MRT machines and also being able to be heat sterilized multiple times combined with all common cleaning agents. Further on the customer required the part to be realized with very small machining tolerances and maximum dimensional stability.

As a matter of course the material had to be biocompatible according to USP VI and Din ISO 10993-5.

As shown on the picture the biopsy unit is placed under the patient divan bed, on which the patient is lying on her front.

After localizing a tumor with the MRT in a breast, the biopsy needle is guide through the high precision guiding system to the destinated area.

The needed machining tolerances for this part of the unit are one hundredth of a millimetre.

After discussing the requirements internally, the Röchling material specialist decided to use SustaPEEK MG natural for his application.

This material was specially developed for applications in the medical and pharmaceutical area and has been used in several high end applications since then.

Because of the very professional and successful collaboration between both companies, Noras and Roechling are already working together on new projetcs with highest pressure.


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